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Adult rehabilitation

If you are suffering from:

  • aches of your back, shoulders, hips, knees or feet,
  • "tennis elbow" or "golfer's elbow",
  • sciatica,

also if:

  • You have been diagnosed with active disc-root conflict with pressure on the nerve root,
  • You underwent a surgery of the spine or peripheral joint,
  • You suffer from pseudo- migraine headaches,
  • You have other ailments of the musculoskeletal system,

we welcome you to consult our specialists. We have a team of excellent orthopedists, neurologists, specialists in rehabilitation and physiotherapy in our clinic. We provide a wide range of treatments of manual therapy, PNF, kinesiology taping, rehabilitation exercises, exercise with a load and physical therapy. As support for rehabilitation we use physical therapy treatments: galvanization, iontophoresis, electro–stimulation, electro-magnetic field, laser-therapy.


Manual therapy

The term literally means "treatment with hands," but it does not reflect fully the essence of this kind of therapy. Manual therapy has a centuries-old tradition - from osteopathy, chiropractics, to new concepts, such as the Kaltenborn-Evjenth'a method. This therapy aims to eliminate pain conditions and to restore physiological conditions within the musculoskeletal system. It is based mainly on joints mobilization techniques and those that are soothing for excessively tight soft tissues (muscles, capsule joints, ligaments).



Osteopathy involves a painless mobilization of peripheral joints, spine and the neuromuscular system. In osteopathy we use:

  • rhythmic techniques,
  • thrust technique (manipulation)
  • relaxation techniques,
  • techniques dealing with the dysfunction of the bone structures surrounding the central nervous system and those affecting the tension surrounding connective tissue structures surrounding viscera in the abdomen.

Thanks to the treatments in the field of osteopathy body's natural ability to self-medicate is assisted.


The Kaltenborn-Evjenth method

Otherwise referred to as Orthopaedic- Manual Therapy (OMT). It is used in the treatment of somatic dysfunction, such as pain, hypo- and hypermobility of joints, tissue changes. The therapy is based on a careful manual examination, supported by analysis of test results of X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography. After careful analysis and diagnosis analgesic treatment is implemented, to increase or reduce excessive mobility.


PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

It's a very friendly therapy for the patient closely linked to his psychophysical condition. It comes from a holistic view of a man. While working on a function that the patient requests, we use his strong and healthy parts of the body to extract the desired efficiency and movement of the weak parts. The patient is a partner of the physiotherapist, and he defines the objectives, scope and limits of therapy. The therapy must be painless for the patient, functional and based on natural movements of a healthy person. In this method, there is a solution for specific daily daily movement problems.



Using the appropriate special tape wrapping techniques for specific, dysfunctional areas of the body, it affects the function of the joints of musculoskeletal system, the lymphatic system (reduction of edema) and nervous system, normalizes muscle and fascial tension. The tape is made of a material whose thickness and weight is similar to the properties of the skin. It has a well-defined stretch, it’s breathable and water resistant.

Kineso-taping is used among others in order to:

  • reduce pain of various surfaces,
  • restore proper muscle tone,
  • improve the function and range of motion in the joints,
  • improve the blood circulation and lymph circulation,
  • prevent bad posture and for posture correction.

Kinesio-taping is used in sports medicine, orthopedics and traumatology, neurology, rheumatology, geriatrics, pediatrics or oncology.


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