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Rehabilitation of children and youth


We rehabilitate older children and adolescents, supporting them both in normal motor development, as well as streamlining the various dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. Together we set treatment goals with patients and their caregivers. The rehabilitation of older children and adolescents use, among other concepts of NDT Bobath, PNF and Kinestiopathy.


NDT Bobath

Bobath NDT comes from Neurodevelopmental Treatment. It is a method that involves the delivery of a wide variety of movement patterns, which is the basis of the proper sensorimotor education process. In therapy the patient is treated as an entity, it is actively involved in the exercises. The NDT Bobath concept is not a ready set of exercises. The therapist applies individual choice for each patient and changes it over time.



Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is a method based on a holistic view of man. While working on the function that the patient needs, the patient uses his strong and healthy part of the body to extract the desired efficiency and movement of parts from the weak functioning parts. The patient is a partner of the physiotherapist, and he defines the objectives, scope and limits of therapy. The therapy should be painless for the patient, functional and based on natural movements of a healthy person. In this method, we find a solution for specific daily movement problems.


Kinesio- taping

Kinesio-taping uses special patches (tape), which are stuck on selected parts of the body in certain ways. The tapes have certain flexibility, are hypoallergenic, waterproof and breathable. Kinesio-taping is widely used, and among other things, influences muscle tension, reduces pain and swelling, improves circulation, speeds up the healing process, improves muscle function and reduces their fatigue. This is an excellent supporting method complementing the therapy.



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