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Occupational Medicine

We offer our clients the coordination of activities of occupational medicine for the entire company. Activities in the OM area are organized so that they are best suited to the demands and individual needs of our patients.

We offer:

  • Initial check-ups, periodic and control examinations for all occupational groups and for each post:


  • driver (category A, B, T)
  • driver of a company vehicle
  • employees at machines in motion,
  • employees at altitude, exposure to noise, dust, industrial, toxic and biological factors,
  • crane and forklift operators in occupations requiring complete mental and physical fitness,
  • employed in work that requires constant and sustained effort voice,
  • guard employee,
  • workers going to work in tropical conditions,
  • at the computer,
  • physical protection employee,
  • and others.


  • physician participation in the Commission's Health and Safety
  • visits to workplaces

Tests of occupational medicine can all be done within our clinic – our offices provide both physicians and specialists: laryngologist, neurologist, which in most cases allows us to issue a certificate to the employee on the same day.

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