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Lactation counceling

We invite all the mothers at every stage of breast-feeding to the Lactation Consultation at Zdrowie Piaseczna.


Mothers often worry about the sufficient amount of milk, and they need help in the proper latching of the child to their breasts, they do not know the alternative to bottle-feeding methods. Each question or complaint is worth attention. We invite for counseling at every stage of lactation, before the end of the planned breast-feeding, bottle-feeding or mixed method. We also invite pregnant women and woman that plan to adopt who want to be well prepared for feeding.
During the lactation counseling mothers can count on professional advice, get necessary examinations (breast ultrasound, laboratory tests), or removal of plugs being the cause of stagnation of breast milk. During the visit, the doctor will conduct an interview, examine the patient, conduct a technical demonstration of feeding and present personalized recommendations.
Particularly noteworthy are lactation problems such as:

  • inflammation of the breast,
  • milk stasis,
  • period of overproduction,
  • wounded warts,
  • fungal and bacterial infections.
  • insufficiently active child during feeding,
  • too small increments in child's weight,
  • too fast milk flow causing the child discomfort during and after feeding (bloating, colic).

Our lactation consultant - Dr. Aleksandra Hadyś has the highest level of certification IBCLC (International Certified Lactation Consultant). She has been consulting for 5 years, she is collaborating among others with Lactation Clinic CM Zelazna by the Hospital of St. Sophia in Warsaw.




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