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Gynecological and pregnancy ultrasound


The clinic ZDROWIE PIASECZNA performs a full range of ultrasound, including:
  • Gynecological transvaginal ultrasound,
  • USG with the evaluation of ovulation in the subsequent examinations of the cycle,
  • Ultrasound confirming the pregnancy,
  • Ultrasound of the pregnancy in the first and second trimesters – extended examination
  • Pregnancy reviewal ultrasound,Ultrasound of pregnancy in the third trimester with Doppler.
Ultrasound is one of the modern techniques in medicine, the basic diagnostic method. Based on the obtained results decisions are made about the treatment, prevention or the ongoing therapy can be withdrawn. Ultrasound shows the shape and size of the different organs. This verifies the condition of the liver, pancreas, kidney, ovarian, testicular, breast, and scrotum. The irregularities can be detected, such as protuberances or bumps. The transvaginal gynecological examination allows us to evaluate the neck and the bottom of the uterus, ovaries and detect the status of fibroids, cysts and cancers of the reproductive organ. During the pregnancy examining of the uterus is done through the abdominal wall to determine whether the fetus is developing normally. Under the control of ultrasound the biopsy can be performed - taking tissue for the histopathological examination, in order for the most precise diagnosis.
Ultrasound of the reproductive organs is carried out in two ways: through the abdominal wall and transvaginaly.
Preparation for ultrasound through the abdominal wall consists primarily of drinking adequate amounts of fluids before testing (1-1.5 liters of water or other non-carbonated liquids hour before the test). It is important that during the test the bladder is filled.
Transvaginal ultrasound does not require special preparation of the patient, however you should consult with the doctor examining you, to determine which stage of the cycle it should be done.




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