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Holter ECG

Electrocardiogram recording device, used continuously for 24-48 or 72 hours, providing detailed analysis. Its inventor was an American bio-physicist, Norman Holter - these kinds of tests were initially performed in order to observe the functions of the human body during nuclear tests.

Important characteristics of this portable Holter device are its’ small size and ability to attach it to the body or clothing to the patient in such a way that it doesn’t limit any movements. It allows normal daily activities to take place including sport activities and resting/sleeping. It is not possible, to take a shower with the Holter device or submerge it, and any magnetic field in its surroundings might interfere with its recording,

Nowadays we often practice the 12 lead recode system – it is a standard 12-lead ECG recorded and analyzed during the whole time of the test duration.

The test allows for précising the electrical parameters of the heart functioning- it shows the heart rhythm and records the moments of the ischemia in the muscle of the left ventricle. This test is used in the diagnostic of the arrhythmia and coronary disease.

Performing the Holter test is necessary in diagnosing patients suffering from dizziness or fainting and particular chest pains.

Our clinic is open for those tests daily – after previously setting an appointment. Electrodes used in this test are non-allergenic. You don’t need to buy the batteries for the device. Those with a reach chest hair we invite to previously shave the areas where the device will be attached (to avoid pain during the detachment of the device).

Standard time of the test is 23h, the device can be – after previous agreement - put on or taken off at the patients’ house. The timing of the test might be elongated up to 72 hours if necessary.





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