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Comprehensive diagnostics of the venous system


All patients with venous problems we invite to consult with a specialist of Phlebology. We conduct the consultation, diagnosis and treatment of the venous system in cooperation with the Clinic of Phlebology NASMED.

The Clinic of Phlebology, offers among other things:

  • free choice of compression products.
  • doppler ultrasound of lower limb veins,
  • diagnosis of leg veins in pregnant women,
  • minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins: sclerotherapy, modern laser, bonding method of varicose veins of Venaseal,
  • classical methods of treatment of varicose veins in one-day surgery mode,
  • effective treatments for venous leg ulcers,
  • diagnosis and treatment of venous thrombosis.


The consultations can be arranged by calling the telephone numbers:


NASMED Clinic: GSM +48 721 000 112 lub stacjonarny (22) 400 04 90

Zdrowie Piaseczna: (22) 750 11 77



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