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Patient home care by nurses and doctors

We offer professional medical and nursing care for adult patients at home. This service is offered to patients in the municipality of Piaseczno and can be done in 2 week cycles on weekdays - Monday to Friday.
Patient care at home involves (within 10 working days):

  • 2 visits of the doctor
  • 10 visits of nurses
  • ECG
  • laboratory tests - extraction, providing results
  • injections
  • drip under the supervision of a nurse
  • application of bandages
  • if necessary – consultation of physiotherapist and rehabilitation at home.

Daily nursing visits include: interview, check of the patient's condition, blood pressure measurement, and possibly glucose with a glucometer, injection / drips, bandaging, sample extraction, electrocardiography (1 x a week), other physician's recommendations. Nursing care does not include toilet-hygiene treatments, feeding and watering.

More information and pricing is available at the clinic reception. Applications for home care can be done by phone.



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